Wondering How To Find The Best Backpacking Tents for Tall People? Read This!

Backpacking is one of the most enjoyable and adventurous ways to experience the outdoors. By blending hiking with backcountry camping, backpacking provides an immersive outdoors experience that is both freeing and unique. Nothing beats camping under the stars after a long day of hiking through nature.

That said, having the right gear is essential. It is becoming increasingly difficult for tall camping enthusiasts to find backpacking tents to accommodate their body type. Because backpackers carry all of their equipment and essentials on their backs, manufacturers of backpacking tents have begun focusing on weight reduction above all else. As backpacking tents become lighter, they usually also become smaller.

It makes sense when you think about it – there are only so many ways you can reduce the weight of a tent, and one of the most obvious is to use less material. As tent manufacturers shave down ounces, they also shave off inches from the length of their tents.

Why is it Important to Buy a Tent that is the Correct Size?

Why is it Important to Buy a Tent that is the Correct Size

Finding a tent that is long enough to accommodate your height comfortably is essential, especially when it comes to backpacking. After a long day of hiking, the last thing you want to do is sleep curled up because your tent is too small. You need to stretch out your legs properly and allow your knees to recover for the next day’s hike.

When it comes to tent length, we find that taller backpackers should use a tent that is at least 82 inches long. You do not want to cut it too close with tent length as it can be both cold and uncomfortable having any part of your body touch the tent walls.

Do not give up and buy a tent in a standard size because you are having difficulty finding one designed for taller backpackers. Getting quality sleep is a crucial component of recovery on backpacking trips, so it is worth getting the right gear.

Our Picks for the Best Backpacking Tents for Tall People 

To make it easier on you taller outdoor enthusiasts, we have listed our top picks for lightweight backpacking tents that are suitable for backpackers that are over 6 feet tall.

1. Big Agnes Copper Spur High Volume Ultra-Light Backpacking Tent

The tent comes in at a total weight of just 3lbs 1oz, perfect for backpacking and considerably lighter than most large tents on the market. Taller campers will appreciate the 88 inches of length the Copper Spur offers. With a 40 inch height, you will not be able to stand in the tent, but you can certainly sit up. Backpacking tents are not meant to be overly roomy. However, you should be able to lay down flat and get a comfortable sleep in the Big Agnes.

Big Agnes is a well-known manufacturer of backpacking supplies. They are known for their high-quality products and unique designs. The Big Agnes Copper Spur lives up to this reputation and is a perfect tent for tall backpackers.

2. MSR Hubba Hubba NX Backpacking Tent

MSR is another well-known tent brand. The Hubba Hubba is a two-person tent but, if you are a taller backpacker, you might find it to be a perfect size. The tent measures 84 inches in length, making it a suitable choice for campers that are over 6 feet tall.

We liked that the tent has a vestibule where you can store backpacks, shoes, and other gear you may not want to take into the tent with you overnight. You also have the convenience of a removable rain fly. Being able to stay dry when it is raining and chilly when it is hot help. The tent weighs in at 3lbs 4oz, which makes it easy to carry on the trails.

3. MIER Ultralight 3 Season Backpacking Tent

MIER offers the most affordable tall-friendly backpacking tent on our list. The tent weighs under 3lbs, so, surprisingly, it has so much space. The length is 83 inches, which means most backpackers that are over 6 feet tall will be able to sleep comfortably. You also get a generous amount of headroom with the MIER. The floor to ceiling height is 49 inches, which means even taller campers will be able to sit up with a reasonable degree of comfort.

Considering its low price point, the MIER comes with some nice extras. In addition to a rain fly, the tent has two doors, each with its vestibule for storage. You also have the option of upgrading the basic one-person model to a two-person tent. If you are a tall backpacker looking for a low-cost tent, you cannot go wrong with the MIER.

4. Kelty Late Start Backpacking Tent

The Kelty Late Start is a solid tent choice for taller backpackers. Due to the open mesh design of the tent, you get excellent ventilation. The tent is also a breeze to set up, which comes in handy after a long day on the trails or if you plan to set up camp in the dark.

As for interior space, the tent has a length of 85 inches and a height of 40 inches. This tent is more than suitable for most tall backpackers. You also get a large vestibule that adds nearly 8 square feet of storage space.

You have the option between a one, two, or a four-person version of the tent. The one person option comes in at 3lbs 5oz, which is reasonable for a tent of its size. As with the MIER Ultralight tent, the Kelty Late Start is a budget-friendly backpacking tent. If you are in the market for an affordable backpacking tent, but you do not want to sacrifice comfort or quality, you really cannot go wrong with either option.

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